Foundation – Part 1

I think I’ve mentioned before (or you have probably figured it out by reading this blog) that I am the novice in this operation. I spend a lot of time asking questions & searching Google, and then throwing buzzwords into conversations when people ask me how the renovation is going (“Oh, you know, then we had to move a crib* over eight inches.”) When I was … Continue reading Foundation – Part 1

House Lifting

Spoiler alert: Lifting a house in real life is in no way similar to the movie “Up”. Just don’t want to set you up for disappointment. Although given our brush with critters so far, it wouldn’t have surprised me if we had found a talking dog or a giant bird during the process. When I found out we needed to replace the foundation at Woodside, I wasn’t surprised, … Continue reading House Lifting


In case you are wondering why there’s been a break in posts lately – no, I did not fall into the groundhog tunnel and barely escape with my life (although, stay tuned because … you never know!). The truth is twofold: First, summer happens to be the busiest time at work for both of us, so between working, working on the house, taking care of … Continue reading Basement

Demo: Kitchen

In every home I visit, the kitchen always seems to be the gathering spot. No matter what is going on in other rooms, everyone clusters around the kitchen. In addition to there likely being a summer kitchen at Woodside, a later extension was added to the north side of the original home to serve as the indoor kitchen. When we bought the house, the kitchen … Continue reading Demo: Kitchen

Demo: Enclosed Porches

As seen in early images of Woodside, the home originally had two open porches on its west end. At some point in history, these porches were enclosed. After many years of exposure to the elements, the porches began to fail and pull on the house. To prevent any further damage to the house, removing the porches was one of our first priorities. We will rebuild the … Continue reading Demo: Enclosed Porches

Woodside: The “Before” Pictures

In my last post, I described my first visit to the farmhouse and my hasty departure after almost falling through a floorboard. In addition to fearing what I may land on below (spoiler alert: raccoon poop) and suffering a mortal injury, I was also overwhelmed by the amount of work this place needs. This is no weekend warrior project. Every room brings new challenges: sagging floors and sketchy beams, … Continue reading Woodside: The “Before” Pictures