Woodside: The Second Year

We recently celebrated our second anniversary of owning Woodside. Compared to the first year, it’s had fewer surprises … which is good, because I am not sure I could handle discovering another 30,000 bees living between floors. On the other hand, after two years, I feel prepared for just about anything Woodside throws our way (as long as it doesn’t involve a solo trip to … Continue reading Woodside: The Second Year

Woodside: The First Year

It’s been a year, both literally and figuratively. One year ago, we closed on Woodside. And oh, what a year it has been! We chopped down a suburban jungle & pulled off porches. We met some longtime inhabitants of Woodside (raccoons, a groundhog, about 30,000 bees and possibly some paranormal friends). We lifted the house in the air & watched woefully as it remained up … Continue reading Woodside: The First Year

Renovation Plan: Exterior

To date, most of our blog posts have been about getting our hands dirty, dodging the critters of Woodside & hanging out underneath the farmhouse. I thought we should shake things up a bit and give you all a preview of our renovation plans. I’ve mentioned before that we are working with an amazing architect, Jennifer Sims Taylor at Fendler & Associates. Having never worked … Continue reading Renovation Plan: Exterior

Supporting Historic Restoration & Renovation in Missouri

Please bear with us as we depart from our usual content and post about something happening in our community. As reported earlier this year, the Missouri Senate is currently reviewing Senate Bill 226, which could, among other things, negatively impact the Missouri Historic Tax Credit Program if passed. The current status of the bill can be viewed here. If you’ve been reading our blog since the … Continue reading Supporting Historic Restoration & Renovation in Missouri

Demo: Kitchen

In every home I visit, the kitchen always seems to be the gathering spot. No matter what is going on in other rooms, everyone clusters around the kitchen. In addition to there likely being a summer kitchen at Woodside, a later extension was added to the north side of the original home to serve as the indoor kitchen. When we bought the house, the kitchen … Continue reading Demo: Kitchen

Demo: Enclosed Porches

As seen in early images of Woodside, the home originally had two open porches on its west end. At some point in history, these porches were enclosed. After many years of exposure to the elements, the porches began to fail and pull on the house. To prevent any further damage to the house, removing the porches was one of our first priorities. We will rebuild the … Continue reading Demo: Enclosed Porches

Woodside: The “Before” Pictures

In my last post, I described my first visit to the farmhouse and my hasty departure after almost falling through a floorboard. In addition to fearing what I may land on below (spoiler alert: raccoon poop) and suffering a mortal injury, I was also overwhelmed by the amount of work this place needs. This is no weekend warrior project. Every room brings new challenges: sagging floors and sketchy beams, … Continue reading Woodside: The “Before” Pictures