Basement Living

Greetings from the Woodside Basement!

That’s right, we live here now! And boy has it been a whirlwind of a few months. After putting our house in Richmond Heights on the market, we spent a few months housesitting. Once that gig was finished a couple of weeks ago, we moved into the basement of the farmhouse (and put most of our stuff into a storage unit).

We knew there would come a time where we’d have to move into the house while part of it was still unfinished, so we spent the majority of the spring getting the basement livable. With approximately one thousand square feet to work with, we were able to include a bedroom, full bathroom, laundry area, kitchenette, pantry, living room and office area/desk PLUS the unfinished portion for additional storage, hot water heaters and furnace. Our entire previous house wasn’t much bigger than this, so the amount of space wasn’t too much of a change for us.

After spending nearly three years working on the house, it was a little surreal to finally move in. The first couple of nights, I was fully prepared to wake up to a raccoon staring at me from a ceiling corner. Happy to report that hasn’t happened (that I know of at least; they could totally be watching me while I sleep).

The transition has probably been the most challenging for our dogs, Blackjack & Roo, who were already pretty set in their ways before having to move twice in six months. Our old house was one story, with no basement, so they are trying to get acclimated to stairs and basement life in general. We have spent a lot of time going on walks around the new (to them) neighborhood, and they are starting to get settled.

So, that ends the renovation blog!

Just kidding! We still have three floors and a lot of exterior work to go. But, living here will make it easier to get work done, and also for the raccoons to keep an eye on us for us for us to keep an eye on the raccoons.


3 thoughts on “Basement Living

  1. This is incredible. Libby! Y’all do beautiful work! I can hardly believe it’s been 3 years, and the transformation is phenomenal. The urinal is my favorite. 🙂


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