Insulation + Drywall

Guys, we have (some) walls!

After finishing up the electrical and plumbing in the basement and first floor, we got to work insulating those areas. We used traditional insulation in the basement, and then opted for spray foam insulation throughout the rest of the house. Why spray foam? Although it is more expensive, spray foam has a higher R-value, which will make Woodside more energy efficient and (hopefully) result in lower energy bills. We can already feel the difference of having insulation, period!

Once the insulation was done, our drywallers got to work. Remember that weird ledge I got stuck on while waterproofing the basement? Yeah, we went ahead and covered that up. Not to worry though, because I am sure there are plenty of other places in this house for me to get stuck, hurt and/or lost forever.

We spent last weekend cleaning up the drywall dust and splatters, and also started priming the walls for paint. Soon to follow are paint, floor and trim … and then, super exciting things like cabinets (hopefully not any that I can get stuck inside though).

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