Happy New Year! Yes, I am aware it’s almost February, but a lot has been going on. With the usual winter weather here in St. Louis, we haven’t been able to do much exterior work at Woodside, but we’ve kept mighty busy the last couple of months with interior projects.

Our plumbers finished all of their work in the basement and first floor, which means we don’t have to use a bucket to flush the basement toilet anymore. Free bucket to good home! They ran the gas lines and we also had our gas meter installed, so now we have heat as well.

Brendon has been building out all of the framing for the fireplaces. There will be four total; two on the first floor and two on the second floor. I mentioned before that I spent an afternoon approximately ten minutes picking out fireplace logs for these. Hopefully someone wrote it down, because I have no idea what they are supposed to look like anymore. I may end up with with bright pink logs.

Our electricians have been installing outlets and running the wiring for everything in the basement, first floor and exterior lighting (pics to come soon!). Brendon has also been working on rebuilding the interior stairs from the first floor to the basement. We’ve been using a ladder for the last two years, which I’ve been able to successfully climb up & down without incident somehow (although there’s still time). There’s still a lot of work to do in the basement, but we are starting to see the finish line. Now that HVAC, plumbing and electric are all done down there, we can move onto drywall (followed by paint, floor and trim).

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