Exterior Work

Thanksgiving: Eat a ton of food, take a nap and then get up early to shop climb onto scaffolding 30-feet in the air. At least that’s how the Papineaus do it. Last year our Thanksgiving weekend project was building the porches; this year, we tackled exterior work on the opposite end of the house.

We started by setting up scaffolding to pull down the rest of the siding on the east end. Next up was building the new exterior walls, followed by OSB & Hardie Wrap. We also took advantage of the scaffolding being set up to install one of the new windows on the third floor. I sure hope our raccoon residents are pleased with the improvements!

Once we got the east end wrapped up, we finished putting up OSB & Hardie Wrap on the north side of the house, and installed a couple of windows on that side as well. Yours truly even ventured out onto the roof to check out the progress. Hey, I need to make sure all those receipts I am logging are legit. And I also wanted to practice my escape route for any possible animal encounters. Luckily there is no footage of me climbing slowly & awkwardly back inside through the master bathroom window.

Then we moved on to the south side, which will be the main entrance for the house. In case you had forgotten, 30,000 bees used to live in that part of the house. They are now living a nice life out in Lake St. Louis. However, since we failed to put down a tarp before the beekeeper showed up, we have a nice reminder of their time at Woodside via some (hopefully removable) honey stains on the floor. But, that’s another project for another day.

We are in a race against time to try and get as much of the house weather-tight before winter really arrives in St. Louis. Up next is more OSB & Hardie Wrap on the south side, more window installation and hopefully very soon, plumbing work will begin. Which is good, because right now our “plumbing” consists of a toilet in the basement that you have to flush with a bucket. BYOB?

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