Framing – First Floor

I’m self-admittedly not a very visual person. I’m bad at hanging things on walls, I can’t tell if something is 30 feet vs 300 feet away from me and somehow I mess up drawing straight lines even with the aid of a ruler. So even though we have blueprints, it’s still been difficult for me to envision how everything is really going to look.

Now that we are building walls though, it’s getting easier to visualize the layout. Since I still can’t wrap my head around how exactly we are going to use the “middle room” yet though, we’ll continue to refer to that as the “Parlor”  for now since that’s how it’s listed on the blueprints.

Here’s how framing goes:

  1. Build a temporary support wall
  2. Remove the original wall
  3. Build the new wall where the original wall existed
  4. Remove the temporary wall
  5. Try to avoid brown recluse spiders
  6. Repeat, repeat, repeat

Due to damage from water and also the 30,000 bees who used to live between the first and second floors, the southwest side of the house sank about two inches below the rest of the house, so we also had to jack up that end while building the temporary wall in the living room.

The upside of all this work (aside from you know, having walls) is that the first floor is the cleanest it’s been since probably 1970 since we had to clear out everything to start building.

The downside is that all of this construction has somehow disrupted the staircase between the first and second floors because there are now steps only attached to the banister on one side, and just hanging out (literally) on the other side. Apparently they are still usable if you walk only along the banister side, but given my tendency to be a klutz, I’m thinking that’s a no-go. Plus, it gives me an excuse to avoid the third floor for a while, and we all know I’ll find any reason to stay away from that (possibly) haunted raccoon haven.

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