Woodside: The Second Year

We recently celebrated our second anniversary of owning Woodside. Compared to the first year, it’s had fewer surprises … which is good, because I am not sure I could handle discovering another 30,000 bees living between floors. On the other hand, after two years, I feel prepared for just about anything Woodside throws our way (as long as it doesn’t involve a solo trip to the third floor).

To take you back, around this time last year we started building the garage and kitchen, and removed both chimneys, brick by single brick. During Thanksgiving we constructed the porches and our concrete company began work around the site. After the new year, we ran electricity back to the house, started installing doors and windows, and began framing walls in the basement and porches.

Over the next few weeks we will:

  • continue removing existing siding, build exterior walls, cover with OSB & Hardie Wrap and then (eventually) install new Hardie Board siding
  • begin framing interior walls on the first floor
  • continue installing windows on the first and second floors
  • try to win the lottery so we can install an in-ground pool (inspired by the heat wave we’re currently experiencing in STL …)

What has been your favorite Woodside transformation during the past year?

9 thoughts on “Woodside: The Second Year

  1. The transformation taking place in your basement. You have come such a long way and I know you have a long way to go but little by little getting closer. We get all of the updates from Matt. Hang in there!


    1. Thank you! The basement looks so different already and we are excited to see the finished product when it’s (finally) done!


  2. Love the work that you have done to restore a very old house. Once it finished what are your plans for the house?
    Air b&b or permanent resident? Maplewood is a small town and the rumor mill is going crazy. Also don’t blame you about the third floor, the basement is the worst to be alone.


    1. Thank you so much! We will be living in the house once it’s done (hopefully without a family of raccoons).


      1. have you guys thought about an open house so the people of maplewood can come see the remodel? sorry if im being intrusive i live down the street and have always been in awh and wounder of that house an how it would look returned to its former glory.


      2. Yes, we have. In its current state, it wouldn’t be safe to have a large group of people in and around the house, but we are hoping to have friends and neighbors come check it out once we are a little further along in the construction phase. We’ll definitely post info about that here, so stay tuned!


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