Basement Framing

Who remembers how creepy the Woodside basement used to be? A failing foundation, giant old boiler, and territorial groundhog were just a few of the gifts bestowed upon us when we bought the house. Full confession – I wouldn’t go into the basement alone for the first few months because I was terrified the groundhog was going trap me in a corner (and then what, I am not sure. Although I probably would’ve passed out from fear at that point anyways).

But, after spending about six months lifting the house, pulling out the original foundation and pouring a new one, we restarted with a clean slate in the basement.

To recap the layout plan, we will have a bedroom, living area, full bathroom, laundry area, kitchenette and storage. The basement is split into two main sections that will be connected by a sliding barn door. After waterproofing the walls, Brendon started framing out all the rooms.

Another fun basement feature? A urinal. Before we got together, Brendon lived in a house with a urinal in the basement bathroom (yes, he installed it himself). Apparently he misses it so much that now he wants one in the farmhouse. I kinda thought he was kidding until I saw it on blueprints. And now that there’s dedicated plumbing for it, I guess there’s no turning back. No, it’s not tax-credit eligible … at least I don’t think.

Since I (purposely) forgot to add a second coat of waterproof paint over the fireplace support before the framing work started, now I have even less room to maneuver up there. My solution? Since it’s just going to be a storage area, everything is going into waterproof bins. Problem solved!

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