Concrete – Part 2

Out of all the work we’ve done so far at Woodside, the concrete projects seem to be the most challenging. First, the weather has to be dry and above freezing if you’re pouring outside (which is why we had to wait until spring for this work after finishing the first part last fall). Second, since concrete is pretty permanent, you have to plan out things like drainage systems before you start pouring. And make sure you’re good with where the concrete is going to be, because again about the part that it’s permanent.

Before we could do anything though, first we had to move all those bricks that we threw from the roof during chimney demolition out of the driveway site, dig drainage ditches & lay the pipes, and remove the fence on the east side of the property.

Once all of that was complete, our concrete company began setting up the forms and laying rock for the driveway and back patio pours.

And then came the concrete.

I’d venture to say it looks a lot better than two years ago!


2 thoughts on “Concrete – Part 2

  1. Libby, we were visiting Matt a couple weekends ago and stopped by. It has come soooo far since we saw it last. Looking good.


    1. Thank you! The progress can be hard to see from day to day but when we look back at pictures from the beginning of the renovation, it definitely looks much different now!


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