Some parts of a house renovation don’t necessarily have that “wow” factor. Most people are into pictures of new kitchens and bathrooms, but don’t really get that pumped up about things like waterproofing and gas lines. Well, most people aren’t on their second year of a (mostly) DIY total gut renovation, so we are quite excited to announce that we have permanent electricity hooked back up at Woodside!

The electricians started by installing the panels and outlets in the garage and basement; we’ll have them finish up the remaining outlets later. Brendon is somewhat of aspiring doomsday prepper, so I wasn’t really too surprised when I walked into the garage and saw outlets installed every two feet. Whenever we finally have a housewarming party, everyone must bring a crock-pot dish so we can test out all the plugs at once (and if something goes wrong, you know we’ll have a generator). He also wasted no time building a temporary shelf in the garage to hold a mini-fridge, and he’s very excited about being able to have a cold beer while after working. I am pretty sure that beer fridge just added about another year to our overall timeline though …

The electricians also reconnected power to the house, which involved digging a trench on the northeast east side of the house to the pole on the sidewalk, laying PVC pipe and then refilling the trench.

The rainy weather turned our yard into a bit of a mud pit, and Brendon had to rescue the electricians’ excavator while they were doing the trench work. Then a few days later Brendon got his own bobcat stuck in the mud while doing demo work, so we now have several cinder blocks that he used to escape buried in the side yard. After our electricians finished their work, Ameren reconnected electricity at the pole, and we relaid concrete in the portion of the sidewalk that was removed during the trench work.

We also had our gas line reconnected, and we’ll install our new porch windows soon. And maybe we’ll try to find those cinder blocks that are buried in the yard …


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