Doors & Windows

Progress at Woodside seems to happen in waves. We’ll be trucking along from day to day, a little bit of demo here and a little bit of demo there, and then all of a sudden everything happens at once. Soon after our concrete work was done, our first set of windows arrived for the garage and kitchen, as well as doors for the garage and basement.

Since we are receiving tax credits for our renovation, we must use the exact number (34 in total) and design of windows that were original to the house, with the exception of the garage since it’s an addition. Each window is custom designed and built by Rivertown Windows in Ste. Genevieve, and the windows must be made of wood (as opposed to vinyl windows, which are more commonly used in homes now). The exterior doors must also match the original house, with the exception again of the garage doors, and the exterior basement door since it wasn’t visible from the front of the original home.

The windows for the two-story porch are currently in production and we should have them within the next couple of weeks. We’re also preparing to have our electrical service run back to the house, which should be happening sometime this week. Since we’ve been working from a temporary electrical service for the past 18 months, the prospect of having an electrical panel and outlets inside the house is pretty exciting!

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