Construction: Porches

Mother Nature has not always been on our side at Woodside. We installed sill plates in below freezing temps and built a kitchen and garage during a heat wave.  But, last weekend the weather gods smiled upon Missouri – we had gorgeous post-Thanksgiving weather and it was perfect timing to start construction on the two-story enclosed porches. We also were fortunate to have help from several of Brendon’s family members, who can basically build anything (remember our introductory post?).

We kicked off day one with construction of the lower level floor and west wall.

On day two, we put up a temporary wall to stabilize the interior first floor (the future living room), finished the first level of the porch and started work on the second level.

We also started removing the original butler’s pantry from the kitchen, and Brendon’s Aunt D’ete began stripping it to see what our refinishing options are. She found four layers of paint, and also discovered it’s made of pine. Stay tuned for future plans!

Day three was spent getting as much done as possible on the second level before Brendon’s family had to leave town.

Brendon’s dad stayed one more day to help get the rafter beams into place so the roofers could stay on schedule this past week. Brendon rented a cherry picker to assist with trimming the beam edges, then our roofers finished laying the plywood and installed shingles.

There is still some work to do on the porches (OSB followed by HardieWrap and then windows and doors), but they have certainly come a long way from my first visit to Woodside when I almost fell through the rotted floor of the second story.

On the agenda for this week: CONCRETE! Tomorrow we start rocking to pour concrete for the basement floor, garage floor and front & back porches.

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