Porch Prep

On a very hot day last July, we removed the two-story enclosed porches from the west end of Woodside. The porches were deteriorated beyond repair and starting to pull on the west end of the house, causing it to fail. We counted eight layers of shingles on the porch roof, although they didn’t do much to protect the porches from the elements:

We poured a new foundation for the porches during our foundation work last winter:

We will rebuild the porches as they were, keeping the same layout and dimensions. In order to prepare for the porch construction, we added insulation to foundation and removed rotted posts, replacing them with new ones:

We’ve also been completing some other odds & ends the past few weeks, including hanging up the (correct) housewrap around the kitchen and garage, continuing demo work on the first floor and installing temporary lights inside the house so we can work past 4:00 PM (thanks Daylight Savings Time!):

The main projects for the next couple of weeks include construction of the enclosed porches and (hopefully) starting concrete work in the basement, garage and on the front & back porches. We also placed our first window order and should have those ready to install within the next couple of weeks.

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