Beams, Bricks & Paw Prints

Holy hiatus.

It was around this time last year that I posted about how summer is the busiest time of year for both of us at work. Okay, yes it’s technically fall now but since it was 90 degrees here recently, let’s just pretend for a bit longer, shall we?

Blogging aside, work at Woodside has been steadily progressing over the last few weeks.

We finished the exterior construction and roofing on the kitchen & garage additions:

BUT, after we started wrapping the garage in tyvek, we found out we were using the wrong type of material. Since we’ll be using fiber cement siding instead of vinyl, we need to install a different type of membrane between the plywood and siding. We’ll have to remove the first layer, which will probably ruin our chances for a Lowe’s sponsorship (that and the fact that their logo is upside down on all the walls…)

Then, we added more steel beams in the basement to support the first floor, using a complicated (and honestly, somewhat weird) homemade system of pulleys:

Once the beams were in place, our masons finished sealing up the remaining beam pockets.

Next, we removed approximately 1,400 full bricks from the second and third floors of the house using a homemade ramp:

The full bricks that are still in good condition will be used by our masons to rebuild the chimneys. And the ones that didn’t fare so well are piled up in the yard, so if you need some brick pieces for any projects around your own home, let us know.

Our plumbers also began work in the basement:

Up next on the agenda: waterproofing in the basement followed by (drumroll, please…) CONCRETE! It’s almost time to pour the exterior basement steps and basement floor, which is exciting because currently I have two choices anytime I want to visit the basement: risk rolling an ankle and tumbling down a ten-foot gravel hill, or descend backwards down a ten-foot ladder while trying to keep one hand free in case the groundhog has returned. That or a raccoon … based on the below, we definitely still have some critter activity in the house. I’m no paw print connoisseur – anyone able to identify those?

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