Construction: Garage & Kitchen

In case you missed it, we recently hit our one-year anniversary of owning Woodside! How did we celebrate? More house projects, of course.

We started by having our sewer and plumbing lines reconnected to the house.

Then while I was away for a work project this past week, Brendon, his dad, uncle and a couple of brave friends tackled building the garage & kitchen during a heat advisory (I’m talking like, 108 degrees in the shade kind of heat). Totally opposite of when Brendon & his dad worked on sill plates in the frigid cold last winter.

Woodside had a kitchen addition when we purchased the house, but it was failing & pulling on the rest of the house, so we had to remove it right away. We’re rebuilding the kitchen addition mostly the same, with the exception that we bumped out the east wall a few inches to align it with the rest of the house. It will also now attach to our garage instead of having an exterior door. The two-car garage is a new addition to the property, connecting to the kitchen on the northeast corner of the house.

We’re currently working on covering the garage and kitchen in Tyvek so the roofers can start on those sections next week.

Now that we’ve made it a full year, tell us – what has been your favorite blog post so far?

14 thoughts on “Construction: Garage & Kitchen

    1. It sure was a surprise! Still makes me feel a little itchy when I think of 30,000 bees living in the ceiling.


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