Woodside: The First Year

It’s been a year, both literally and figuratively. One year ago, we closed on Woodside. And oh, what a year it has been!

We chopped down a suburban jungle & pulled off porches. We met some longtime inhabitants of Woodside (raccoons, a groundhog, about 30,000 bees and possibly some paranormal friends). We lifted the house in the air & watched woefully as it remained up there through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. We lowered the house back down & discovered a whole new host of adventures (failed fireplaces & sagging floors, to name a couple).

It hasn’t always been easy, but what a difference a year makes:

Over the next few weeks, we will:

  • install steel beams in the basement to support the first floor
  • finish the mason work around the chimney holes in the basement
  • waterproof the basement
  • run plumbing back to the house
  • pour the basement steps & concrete pad between the basement entrance & garage
  • start framing the kitchen and garage

Also, in case you’re keeping track of the Woodside critters – when I was heading upstairs to take some new pictures, Brendon said, “FYI, I think a rat moved into the third floor.” So, if the pictures from the third floor look a little hurried, you know why. Pretty sure one day I am going to walk up the third floor stairs to find a rat, a groundhog and a family of raccoons waiting for me. On the other hand, maybe in another year, I’ll be less afraid of the third floor. Only time will tell …

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