Demo: Second & Third Floors

Old houses have a way of surprising you, sometimes in good ways (“Original wooden floors that are likely in decent shape? Jackpot!”) and other times in not so good ways (“Both of your four-story chimneys completely failed during the house lowering – Congratulations!”). While I’m not officially keeping track, if I had to guess, I think it’s probably around 37 – Woodside vs 1 – Us. Along with the failed chimneys, we also found out we need to completely remove the third floor & replace the floor joists due to bowing. We were planning to replace the third floor anyways because it’s in pretty rough shape (in addition to being bowed), but replacing the joists as well will require some extra time.

Before starting any of that though, we had to get all of the demo material out of the third floor and into the dumpster. Based on how the site is currently laid out, we can’t get a dumpster close enough to the house to run a chute down from the third floor, so we have to load trash cans, walk them down the stairs to the second floor and dump them into the bobcat bucket outside the window. Then Brendon drives the bobcat to the dumpster, empties it and we start the process over again. We’re currently on dumpster number seven and counting.

Once the third floor was mostly cleared out, we started working on pulling out the chimneys from the top down, beginning with the one on the east end of the house. After the top came off, the bottom part of the chimney collapsed into the first floor fireplace in the future dining room.

We also worked on getting the second floor cleaned up a bit more now that most of the demo work is complete there. Yes, it still looks dirty because it still is dirty, even after seven dumpsters of debris – demo work has a way of leaving layers upon layers of dust everywhere!

Our masons also finished the beam pockets in the basement and it’s starting to look like a real room now (well, at least compared to what it did look like). Yeah!

Once we finish taking out the chimneys, we’ll start removing the third floor and replacing its joists. We’re also in the process of having a beekeeper rehome the beehive that is currently located between the first and second floors. Here’s hoping there is a good surprise hidden behind all those honeycombs (or just no surprise – I’d be okay with that, too).

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