Renovation Plan: Third Floor

Phew. It’s taken me a while to get around to writing this post. Kind of like it took the ladies of the Victorian era a while to move between the second & third floors of Woodside, which is why they needed that giant landing (hopefully you read the last blog post to get that “joke”). Truth be told, it’s been a little busy around our non-Woodside house, including our washing machine deciding to go on the fritz a couple of weeks ago … so, when I would normally be spending some of my free evening time writing, we’ve been hitting up the neighborhood laundromat, sans Wi-Fi (but featuring a Pac-Man machine!).

Time to check out the third floor of Woodside. Buckle in, because not only does it have critters galore, I believe there may also be some paranormal activity up there. Before you stop reading (are you still there?), let me say that I’m not normally one to notice (sense?) this kind of thing. That being said, I refuse to venture alone into the far west bedroom of the third floor. Two reasons: 1. the attic access is in there (and currently uncovered), which means there is zero barrier between me & the raccoons & 2. I get an inexplicable feeling when I am near that room, one that can only be described as the heebie-jeebies.

Critters & “other” activity aside, the third floor is a total jackpot for square footage. What currently exists as two bedrooms with an open room between them will be reconfigured to three bedrooms plus a full bathroom.

Here is the existing plan for the third floor:

(Note: You can see a larger pictures & zoom in using this link)

Here is the new plan for the third floor:

(Note: You can see a larger picture & zoom in using this link)

We plan to maximize the available space by installing knee wall storage drawers in the bedrooms, and we’ll add a small closet to house the furnace & hot water heater that will service the second and third floors. The full bathroom will feature a stand up shower as well as the claw foot tub we found while cleaning out the basement. Poor tub has definitely seen some better days, but we’re hopeful it can be salvaged with a refinishing job.

Demo is underway on the third floor – here is the current view:

Now that we’ve finished all of our renovation plan posts, I am curious: Which transformation are you most looking forward to seeing?

10 thoughts on “Renovation Plan: Third Floor

  1. So great about the clawfoot tub. I’m looking forward to seeing the first floor with the butler’s pantry and all. I suppose. Thanks!


    1. Thanks! We are looking forward to the kitchen reconfiguration as well & are happy we can salvage the butler’s pantry – it will be a great addition to the kitchen.


  2. In the early 70s, when the house was a nursing home, my Girl Scout troop would go there for service projects. I remember there being a lot of residents, mostly wheel chair bound, but I do remember that there were patients on the second floor. With the small number of bedrooms there must have been wards with a lot of patients in each room. At any rate the spooky feelings wouldn’t surprise me.

    Thank you so much for sharing your adventure.


    1. Thanks for sharing! There are still numbers above some of the doorways in the house, which we assume are from the nursing home era. They may be visible in some of the pictures if you look closely.


  3. I can’t wait to see all of it! I love the gutted pictures and can just imagine what the transformations will look like!


    1. Thank you! Luckily we are doing all the demo before we start any rebuilding, so I won’t have to worry about tracking debris from a gutted room to a clean room this time 🙂


      1. Okay, that’s just funny! Totally forgot about that; oops, my bad! Drywall still drives me nuts. It really is incredible how you guys are tackling this home, Libby. We are very impressed!


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