Renovation Plan: Second Floor

I should’ve known when I proclaimed my excitement for not having to scrape snow off my car in winter once we have a garage that it would snow that weekend … in March. Weird, right? Although I am pretty sure it has less to do with what I write on this blog & more to do with Missouri having some crazy weather.

In addition to the garage, I’m also excited about the second floor because we were able to incorporate several layout changes that will allow us to maximize the space & include a few features we really wanted.

Here is the existing plan for the second floor:

(Note: You can see a larger picture & zoom in using this link: existing second floor plan)

Here is the new plan for the second floor:

(Note: You can see a larger picture & zoom in using this link: proposed second floor plan)

You’ll notice in the existing plan that there is a (very) large landing area at the top of the steps. Our preservation specialist explained to us that landings were used during the Victorian era as resting places by ladies as they were going from floor to floor. Petticoats + stairs + no AC = landings & fainting couches. Because of the historical significance of landings, getting approval from the historic tax credit side to make modifications to them can be challenging. However, we really wanted to add both a laundry room & full guest bathroom to the second floor and the landing seemed to be the perfect spot. Our architect was able to come up with a plan that included both of those rooms while minimizing how much square footage we took away from the landing area, and I’m happy to report it was approved! There is a walk through closet between the master bathroom and landing, which we’ll reconfigure to add the bathroom and laundry room.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom from Landing

We’ll also decrease the size of the middle bedroom slightly in order to add a walk-in closet on the west end of the master bedroom. The room at the far west end of the second floor will technically be considered a bedroom, but we will utilize it as a family room. It has a fireplace & is connected to the second floor of the enclosed porch – a perfect cozy spot for watching TV & hanging out.

Since the house has been back down on the foundation, Brendon started doing demo work on the second and third floors so we can determine if there are any further structural issues we need to address before starting on the siding. Plaster & lath are EVERYWHERE. Here is the current view from our master bedroom looking west:

From Master Bedroom

It should come as no surprise that a family of squirrels made themselves known during the latest demo phase. No sign of our raccoon family though, which surprises me a bit given all the demo noise. I’m sure they are just lying wait for me to go up to the third floor alone. Not today raccoons, not today …


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