Renovation Plan: First Floor

Everyone doing okay after all that creepy basement talk in our last post? Don’t worry, this time we’re moving up to the first floor, which isn’t really too creepy but still has some challenges of its own (like the bees living between the first & second floors above the living room).

Because we are receiving tax credits from the State of Missouri for our renovation, we have to adhere to certain guidelines when making any changes to the home. Working with a preservation specialist and architect who specialize in historic renovations has been key to ensure any changes we make will be within the program’s parameters.

Here is the existing plan for the first floor:


(Note: you can see a larger picture & zoom in using this link: existing-first-floor-plan)

Here is the new plan for the first floor:


(Note: you can see a larger picture & zoom in using this link: proposed-first-floor-plan)

On the west end of the first floor, the layout will remain the same. We’ll rebuild the two-story enclosed porch, and the hallway & living room will stay as they are. In the front entrance, we’ll add a coat closet on each side of the doorway to the parlor. Speaking of the parlor, we have yet to figure out exactly what we’ll be using that room for. Ideas, anyone?

We’ll move the original butler’s pantry (pictured below) from its current location into a spot on the west side of the kitchen, and open that area as a walkway between the kitchen and dining room (with a built-in bar, by the way).

Kitchen - Before

In the dining room, we’ll decrease the size of the half bathroom in order to add a walk-in pantry in the kitchen. We’ll also extend the east end of the kitchen to make it even with the dining room. The new two-car garage we construct will attach to the north side of the kitchen, and is definitely one of the things I’m most excited about since I’ve never had an attached garage in any of my homes as an adult. Granted, it still needs a floor, walls & a roof, but I’m less focused on that and more so on eventually not having to scrape ice off my car in winter (if we ever have another real winter in St. Louis, but that’s another topic for another day).


3 thoughts on “Renovation Plan: First Floor

  1. Since the exact construction date of the original structure has not been determined, I was wondering if you have any intention of trying to determine that by comparing tree rings of some of the old joists with a local dendrochronological record? This presumes that such a record exists for the type tree that was used. I think that would be fantastic if it could be done.


    1. We hadn’t thought of this before but what a cool idea. Thanks for the tip & we’ll be sure to follow up with the results if this ends up being feasible.


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