Supporting Historic Restoration & Renovation in Missouri

Please bear with us as we depart from our usual content and post about something happening in our community.

As reported earlier this year, the Missouri Senate is currently reviewing Senate Bill 226, which could, among other things, negatively impact the Missouri Historic Tax Credit Program if passed. The current status of the bill can be viewed here.

If you’ve been reading our blog since the beginning, you know that Woodside is on the National Register of Historic Places & that our application for Missouri Historic Tax Credits was approved late last summer. When we first started seriously considering purchasing the farmhouse, we knew the renovation would be both lengthy and costly, and the possibility of obtaining a 25% tax credit was certainly a motivating factor to move forward with the purchase.

Historic restoration & renovation are important to the communities and economies of Missouri, and we fear the passage of Senate Bill 226 would deter future projects from moving forward. We have already expressed our concerns to the legislator in our district, Senator Jacob Hummel. If you live in Missouri and share the same concerns, we encourage you to contact your local legislator.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this important issue. We promise you will be rewarded with more Woodside pictures on another blog post soon!


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