Foundation – Part 2

Back when I was younger and a novice at home renovation (circa August 2016), I wrote that I expected our house to “be up in the air for about 4-6 weeks.”

Then a couple of weeks ago I told people I anticipated it to be down by the end of 2016.

Oh, we are so close! But, looks like it will be mid-January before the house is back on the ground. One of our friends, who is always full of good ideas (e.g. installing a pool under the house while it’s lifted), suggested we wrap the house in lights, schedule the house lowering for December 31 and use it as our personal New Year’s Eve ball. Uh, someone please keep this idea in your back pocket in case you ever have to lift your house, and be sure to invite me!

So what is the hold up? Weather, mostly. Pouring a foundation in cold, wet weather is not ideal and that has caused us delays. However, the foundation is now poured, we are working on sill plates & our excavation company started waterproofing and backfilling.

We also had our egress windows installed in the basement. The first official new windows of Woodside!

The pictures below show the waterproofing (the teal sections) & the areas that have been backfilled with rock so far.

Brendon & his dad started the sill plate work last week. We had an ice storm in St. Louis right before, followed by bitterly cold temperatures. The high on their second day of work was 7 degrees. 

Once the sill plates, waterproofing & backfilling are complete, it will be time to lower the house back down (sans NYE lights, but still just as exciting).


5 thoughts on “Foundation – Part 2

  1. Libby and Brendon- Thank you so much from all of the Rannells family! Charles and Mary Warder Rannells were my 2nd great grandparents. It’s wonderful you are preserving this part of history. They were an interesting family.


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