Foundation – Part 1

I think I’ve mentioned before (or you have probably figured it out by reading this blog) that I am the novice in this operation. I spend a lot of time asking questions & searching Google, and then throwing buzzwords into conversations when people ask me how the renovation is going (“Oh, you know, then we had to move a crib* over eight inches.”) When I was trying to wrap my head around how this whole new foundation thing was going to work, I asked Brendon what the basement would be like after the house lifters put the house back down:

“It’ll be finished”

“Wait, so like totally finished?”

“Yes, finished as in we could live down there.”

“…but without a bathroom or kitchen, and in one open room. So like The Boxcar Children?”

If you enjoyed my simplistic explanation of how houselifting works, you’ll love this next part. While the house was in the air, our excavation company removed more dirt, laid gravel and installed the drainage system.

Then the foundation company laid the forms and installed rebar to pour the footers.

After the foundation company finishes pouring, the foundation will have to cure for two weeks before we can lower the house back down. During that time we also have to replace all the sill plates around the bottom of the house. Oh, and I have to start stocking up on canned goods for my new life in the basement of Woodside.

Underneath Woodside


(*In this context a “crib” is one of those giant wooden towers holding up our house)

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