In the Air

For those of you who have been waiting patiently for a Woodside update, here it is: there is not a whole lot to do or say when your house is in the air and you are waiting on foundation bids. But don’t give up on us yet – I do have some new pictures to tide you over until the next “real” post.

Before we get to that, let me start by saying we received some good news last week: our historic renovation tax credit application was approved & we can move forward with our plans mostly as they are, save for a couple of minor tweaks. A HUGE thank you to our architect Jennifer Sims Taylor from Fendler & Associates & our preservation specialist Karen Bode Baxter for their tireless work on our project thus far.

Back to the pictures. In a move that will surprise nobody who knows him, Brendon positioned a 12-foot ladder in soft soil at a sharp angle while alone at the property to climb into the house and find a tool he needed.

Luckily for him this was before the soil got REALLY soft – the rain came, and then so did the pump to drain the pit. One of our friends asked if we had decided to forego the basement for a new pool under the house. Uh, the groundhog and I would like to know why this idea wasn’t presented earlier in the planning phase.

So what’s next? We hope to start pouring our new foundation within a couple of weeks. After the foundation is poured and before the house gets lowered back down, we will have to replace all of the rotted sill plates around the house with new ones. Until then, if anyone needs some Woodside mud for whatever reason (there is no judgment), feel free to let me know!

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