House Lifting

Spoiler alert: Lifting a house in real life is in no way similar to the movie “Up”. Just don’t want to set you up for disappointment. Although given our brush with critters so far, it wouldn’t have surprised me if we had found a talking dog or a giant bird during the process.

When I found out we needed to replace the foundation at Woodside, I wasn’t surprised, but I also didn’t realize what all it would entail. Let me break it down for you: first, we had to lift the house in order to dig out the original foundation and excavate for a new foundation. Next, we will pour a new foundation and then finally, the house will be lowered back down onto the new foundation. I make it sound very simplistic but in reality house lifting is an extremely complicated process that involves a lot of beams, piers, bobcats, a hydraulic pump and a truck with gauges that measure all sorts of things like pressure and weight. From beginning to end, we estimate the house will be up in the air for about 4-6 weeks.

As I mentioned in our last post, we had to do a few things to get ready for the house lifters, including disconnecting our utilities and cleaning out the basement. When our team from Expert House Movers arrived, their first task was to start excavating around the house to prepare for its lifting.

Imagine walking up to your house and being able to see straight through the basement from one side to the other … and that’s before the actual lifting had even started!

Up next came the placement of beams and piers and the use of a hydraulic pump to start lifting the house – basically: 1. place beams and piers 2. lift house with the pump and 3. repeat.

By the end, the house was lifted up high enough to drive a bobcat underneath and the team started removing the existing foundation and preparing to excavate for the new foundation. If you look closely at the last picture below, you can see Brendon standing next to the bobcat under the house.

So maybe it’s not as colorful and exciting as thousands of balloons in “Up”, BUT I am fairly confident our method has a better chance for an accurate landing. At least I hope …

8 thoughts on “House Lifting

  1. I’ve lived in Maplewood most of my life. I remember the Woodside house when I lived at 7749 Folk in the 50s. Then it was an old folks home i believe. Happy to see it brought back to life again. Thank you.


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