In case you are wondering why there’s been a break in posts lately – no, I did not fall into the groundhog tunnel and barely escape with my life (although, stay tuned because … you never know!). The truth is twofold: First, summer happens to be the busiest time at work for both of us, so between working, working on the house, taking care of the house we actually live in and attempting to enjoy some of our favorite summertime activities (Go Cards!), it has been a little hectic. Second, the Olympics. Holy time suck. Who else has been staying up way past their bedtime to watch the coverage? I know it’s not just me.

In reality, we actually HAVE gotten a lot done lately, but most of it is probably not visually exciting enough to blog about. Highlights include:

  • We submitted our application for Missouri historic tax credits for our renovation. I anticipate a separate post dedicated to that process, but to summarize: If you plan to apply for tax credits while doing a historic renovation, I HIGHLY recommend hiring a preservation specialist to manage your application. Preparing the application takes a lot of time and dedication, and we are grateful that early on someone advised us to hire a preservation specialist.
  • We received official approval from the Maplewood Design & Review Board for all of our renovation plans, which allowed us to move forward in obtaining (more) permits.
  • We started preparing the house for foundation work, which included disconnecting the sewer, water and gas, as well as building a temporary electrical service panel outside of the house.

So while you probably don’t want to see pictures of our giant stack of paperwork getting sent to the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office, rest assured – lots of exciting things have been happening!

What you DO probably want to see are pictures of our basement before we start foundation work:

As you can see, we found a clawfoot tub in the basement! Yes, one of its claws is broken and it’s going to have to be completely refinished, but how cool is that?! The discovery cued an immediate email to our architect to see if she could work it into our floor plans somehow. The raccoons are going to be super pumped when they find out there will be a clawfoot tub up in the third floor bathroom.

I just realized we will probably be close to the 2020 Summer Olympics by the time we move into this place, which means we are on the same timeline as the next round of Olympians, so … can we agree that raccoon poop shoveling should be added as a sport for 2020? Bring your own dust mask!

9 thoughts on “Basement

  1. Hey! I’ve been meaning to come over and introduce myself. Did you guys find any cool artifacts when the foundation was dug up? Glad to hear the groundhog is still around.. we hadn’t seen him in a long time!

    Your neighbor on Weaver living vicariously through you,

    Kristi 😁


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