Demo: Kitchen

In every home I visit, the kitchen always seems to be the gathering spot. No matter what is going on in other rooms, everyone clusters around the kitchen. In addition to there likely being a summer kitchen at Woodside, a later extension was added to the north side of the original home to serve as the indoor kitchen. When we bought the house, the kitchen was mostly being held up by a beam in the middle of the room. Like the enclosed porches, we removed the kitchen and will rebuild it in a similar fashion. We will restore the butler’s pantry in the pictures below, although it will move as part of a new kitchen layout.

For this demo, we brought in reinforcement: Brendon’s bobcat, which he owns for business purposes and not just for fun (but, I think it’s really for both).


With the bobcat’s help, the kitchen demo moved quickly.

And what would another round of demo be without a new furry friend? Allow me to introduce you to the Woodside groundhog. Since we bought the house we have seen him popping up around his various holes throughout the yard. Once we started with demo, he decided to take up residence under the kitchen and in nooks of the basement. Cue me doing research on groundhogs. Have you ever seen a diagram of a groundhog’s tunnels? Allow Highlights to shed some light for you (speaking of Highlights, are Goofus & Gallant still around? I’m sure some of our renovation experiences thus far could be used as teachable moments for children).  Not only is the groundhog clever at finding places to hide, he’s also pretty big, and FAST. Between him and the raccoons, I’m going to stick to the first and second floors for awhile so I (hopefully) don’t have any critter encounters.

Back to the kitchen gathering: I picture our first one at Woodside to go something like this: the wine is flowing, everyone is stuffing their faces with delicious food, the groundhog is unloading the dishwasher … What? As long as he’s willing to help out with some chores, I’m cool with him staying.

Woodside Groundhog


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