Demo: Enclosed Porches

As seen in early images of Woodside, the home originally had two open porches on its west end.

Earliest Woodside photo mid-1890's cropped courtesy of the RannellsFamily

At some point in history, these porches were enclosed. After many years of exposure to the elements, the porches began to fail and pull on the house. To prevent any further damage to the house, removing the porches was one of our first priorities. We will rebuild the porches as they were, minus the holes in the floors (or depending on our budget at that point of the renovation, there may still be holes in the floor – if you come over and see a large area rug on the porch, maybe don’t walk on that spot).

Brendon & company set to work taking apart the porch from the top down early in the morning. By lunchtime, the majority of the second floor was removed.

I wasn’t there when they pulled off the roof, but it was captured on video:

The next day I showed up bright & early, eager to put my soft “I-work-a-desk-job” hands to work. I started cleaning up years of debris, and also a plethora of raccoon poop. When those raccoons aren’t in the attic tearing up our money, they are pooping all over the house. One of our friends who was helping us that day told me that I “had the worst job of the day.” Aw, thanks! So when Brendon told me he needed me to come downstairs to pull down a wall, I was pumped. Then I saw that it involved me standing at the end of a wire using some tool called a “come-a-long” to pull on the wall and then run when it came down. I was convinced this was a plot by Brendon to cash in on my life insurance and set up his Lego collection in every room of the farmhouse. But the joke’s on him because I survived, and all of his Legos are going in the basement.

What you don’t see in the video is the two minutes I edited out of me cranking the come-a-long while waiting for the wall to break free; that’s why you hear our friend/videographer commenting that it seemed to be going slower than anticipated. And, yes, I am aware that it’s blurry – our friend was being smarter than I was and stayed far away from the demo zone. Let’s focus on the excitement at the end of it instead, shall we? Libby: 1 / Porch Wall: 0.

Also accomplished that day: Removal of the raccoon carcass that had been in our future master bathroom for who knows how many years. What I don’t have on video is Brendon carrying it on a shovel while chasing* me down the stairs and out of the house. (*By chasing I mean he was walking at a normal pace while I was running and screaming hysterically)

In addition to removing the enclosed porches, we also had extensive tree work done to the property that weekend, which opened up the space tremendously. I envision many future evenings spent on those porches taking in sunsets, surrounded by family and friends (but hopefully not raccoons, or their poop).

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