Woodside: The “Before” Pictures

In my last post, I described my first visit to the farmhouse and my hasty departure after almost falling through a floorboard. In addition to fearing what I may land on below (spoiler alert: raccoon poop) and suffering a mortal injury, I was also overwhelmed by the amount of work this place needs. This is no weekend warrior project. Every room brings new challenges: sagging floors and sketchy beams, crumbling plaster and holes in ceilings, and plenty of nails waiting to give you tetanus.

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They say it takes vision to renovate a place like this. Oh, I had a vision, and it involved the raccoons who live in the attic tearing up all of our hard-earned dollar bills. (If that happens, I’ll be sure to get it on video and post it here. Can you imagine the page views?!) We didn’t waste any time getting to work, and as we started to peel back the layers of debris, my vision became less focused on thieving raccoons and more on our future in this home that has so much historical significance. But first, there’s a ton of work to do. Up next: demo!

7 thoughts on “Woodside: The “Before” Pictures

  1. I love seeing the old picture of the house. This is more or less the house I liked so much growing up, before it was denuded of its land and its dignity. I am looking forward eagerly to its future.


  2. I am so excited to see the pictures and read your blog! I love the old butler’s cabinets in the kitchen…..hope they can be salvaged! The windows are awesome! I will be anxiously awaiting your next entry! Hope to see you at Mamaw’s 93rd birthday party!
    Love to you and Brendon!


  3. In the late 40’s and during the 50’s as a little girl, visiting her grandparents at Bland and Williams down the street on Bredell and around the corner…. I used to walk by this house as a young girl, and wonder and dream what it used to be. At the time I believe it was an old folks home, as we called them. ) It was always a mysterious place to me. I am so glad you took on the job of renovating this place. Once done, may you have many happy years there. I am now almost 77 years old, living in Maplewood. ( I grew up in Brentwood ).


  4. I remember driving past this place while in high school in the 70’s and and seeing the old folk out on the lawn. Back then the homes for the elderly were often converted homes. The lawn was larger then and beautiful I remember large trees spreading shade over the home and lawn. It looked like a peaceful country home.


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