How This Whole Thing Started

When people find out we bought a farmhouse that was built in 1848 and needs a complete renovation, they are mostly unsurprised. To grasp why, you must first get acquainted with the men of the Papineau family: Brendon, his dad, and his uncles, who I like to joke that if you put them in the middle of the field, they could build a house with their bare hands. These men do not sit still. If there is no project to be done, they will create one (somehow one of the projects has yet to be heated floors in our current bathroom … but, I digress). So when Brendon started talking to me three years ago about an old house down the street in Maplewood that was vacant, I knew he wasn’t going to let it go. Then his dad found the article in This Old House and I knew I was in serious trouble.

The first time I went to visit Woodside, I nearly fell through a floorboard on the second floor. “Absolutely not!” I shrieked as I ran back to my car.

But Brendon did not give up. We knew we wanted a house with more space and casually started house hunting. When friends and family asked us how that was going, Brendon would respond, “Well, I already found my house: the farmhouse in Maplewood.”

And somewhere along the way, I started to change my mind. I asked Brendon earlier this year if he was still interested in buying the old farmhouse. I am pretty sure he thought I was joking (after all, I am the funny one …  you’ll find that out if you keep reading this blog though). But I wasn’t, and now we own a farmhouse. Hey Papineaus, I have a new project for you!

Photo Jul 10, 9 55 51 AM
Brendon and his dad in the kitchen at Woodside

9 thoughts on “How This Whole Thing Started

  1. My daughter moved into the neighborhood a couple of years ago. I have walked the dog by this house many times and often wondered about it. I am thrilled to see all the pictures you are posting, as I have often been tempted to trespass and take a look myself. I am especially thrilled that you are taking on the incredible task of restoring it. Good luck with this awesome endeavor, and I look forward to your future posts!


  2. Thank you for letting everyone take this journey with you! As a Life Cycle Celebrant and a Maplewood resident, I would like to offer a House Blessing, when you are finished 🙂


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